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Want to know if this Certification is for you?

The Destiny Blueprint Coaching Certification program is not your ordinary program where you walk away with bragging rights but no SUBSTANCE. We believe in equipping every coach who completes this program with the tools to build a successful coaching business that aligns with their Christian values and aids their clients in experiencing much needed BREAKTHROUGH. You will not only learn mindset strategy, you will also experience mindset strategy as I guide you through the coaching curriculum and teach you therapeutic techniques.

This program is for you if:

  • You believe that God has given you an innate gifting to guide and direct others
  • You value inner growth and helping others renew their mindset by applying Kingdom principles and therapeutic tools
  • You have a unique skill set and desire to learn how to develop it into a coaching business
  • You are an aspiring or established coach who desires to add mindset strategy to you suite of services
  • You are ready to commit time each week to learning the professional skills necessary to become a Next Level Mindset Coach

What can you expect?

  • Refine and enhance your coaching skills as you learn and apply the Kingdom principles and therapeutic tools and techniques.
  • A proven coaching system that will aid your clients in transformation
  • A 12-week curriculum developed by Candace B. Woods to help you build a thriving coaching business
  • Learn how to use your spiritual gifts, passions, personality, and life experiences to connect and build rapport with your clients.
  • Licensing to use Candace’s proven coaching methods in your own coaching practice
  • Connect with a group of like-minded Christian coaches and servant leaders in the Destiny University Kingdom Cohort for ongoing accountability and support
  • Receive discounts on other products, events, and training opportunities.


Leave this program with:

  • Therapeutic tools and mindset exercises that you can implement into your established coaching business.
  • Business fundamentals, coaching tools, and a high performance coaching skill set that you can apply immediately to gain income on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • Ongoing support from an inner circle of like-minded Christian coaches and the DBCC Team.

Evaluation + Education + Execution

During the DBCC 12-Week certification program, I will guide you through my 3E Framework, a coaching system designed to aid you in building a therapeutic rapport, assist you in customizing a strategic plan personalized for each of your clients, and helping your clients get results. Thereby, you receiving the intrinsic reward of client success and positive outcomes.


Kingdom First

DBCC is designed to align Biblical principles, therapeutic solutions, and business strategy. We desire to work with coaches who have a servants heart.


Coaching Assessments

Learn how to use spiritual gifts, personality, and other behavioral assessments and analysis that will aid your clients in bringing awareness to their strengths and needs.



After building rapport and gaining insight about the strengths and needs of your client, learn how to aid your client in developing a customized growth plan.


Mindset & Purpose Alignment Tools

Based upon the client's growth plan, identify mindset and purpose alignment tools that aid your clients in transformation and breakthrough.


Business Strategy & Revenue Producing

Your business is an ever-evolving thing. Learn how to build a thriving business by applying Kingdom principles and using a proven coaching system.

DBCC Program Agenda

Meet Candace.

The founder of Destiny University Kingdom Academy and the Destiny Blueprint Coaching Certification, Candace is dedicated to the healing and wholeness of each and every person who walks through the door. Candace obtained a Bachelors in Psychology from Georgia College & State University and a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from South University, Montgomery. She has over 14+ years of experience in the social service and coaching arena, helping hundreds of families and individuals preserve their family or reunify with their family. Since starting her business full-time 5 years ago, Candace has successfully supported 30+ Christian authors get out of their own way to successfully plan, write, and publish their books and become authorpreneurs. Candace contributes her success in business to applying Kingdom principles and mindset strategy to her coaching system.

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Don't Forget to Ask

Ask me about my Destiny Blueprint Certification Continuum. Every coach needs a coach to support them on their journey to building a successful business and fulfilling their destiny assignment. Be sure to ask me about additional professional and personal development training and coaching opportunities available to aid you in your personal and business growth.

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